@daisies_nyc is a site-specific pop-up exhibition series featuring artwork and performances by international artists. There have been two showcases in New York, 2018 and 2019. 

DAISIES july 2019

The second weekend-long installation was held in a storefront on Canal Street in New York’s Soho and featured visual work by Manon Macasaet, DeSe Escobar, Matt Dugan, Milah Libin, Carlotta Kohl, Didi Rojas, Zak Bush, Tyler Blue Golden, Dylan Kraus, Sasha Nares, Brynn Wallner, Mowgly Lee, Eri Wakiyama, Noelle Lee, Alex Guesdonus, Agusta Gudmundsdottir, Adam Zhu, Ron Baker, Taj Francois, Chito, Nico Chiat, Justin Hager, Josue Hurst, Nazar Khamis, Vlad Gomez, Sasha Alcocer,  Samantha McCurdy, Jo Shane, Sofia Leilani, Chris Kennedy and Kelsey Niziolek. There was a dance performance by Eva Alt, poetry read by Alexandra Sheehan and an intrepretive performance by Ruth Fish. Refreshments were provided by Pabst Blue Ribbon and the space was donated by Wallplay. 

Purple, Office, i-D, Document

DAISIES july 2018

The premiere one-night art exhibition was held at Ian Schrager’s art space, PUBLIC ARTS in Downtown New York and was organized with filmmaker Sandra Winther. Visual artists included Manon Macasaet, Samantha McCurdy, Carlotta Kohl, Nicole Nadeau, Valerie J Bower, Sasha Alcocer, Kathy Kim, Jenny Lee, Jayne Lies, Laura Watters, Sandra Winther, Jenna Putnam, Julia Fox, Jo Shane, Sofia Leilani, Georgia Hilmer, Alana O’Herlihy, Renee Dykeman, Chris Kennedy, Marland Backus, Aria McManus, Raine Trainor and Kelsey Niziolek. With a dance performance by Queen Moves and musical performances by Okay Kaya, Maia Zoe and Lila Gold. DJ Amrit played tracks. The show was sponsored by Nike with whom we put out limited-edition t-shirts, as well as JAJA Tequila who provided refreshments.